Kamikaze - Meaning + History

Kamikaze translates literally as ‘the wind of gods’ or ‘divine wind’. It is most used in reference to Japanese suicide bombers during WWII, and it is also a word represented in English for reckless or self-destructive behavior. The name, however, originates from the history of a typhoon which saved Japan from a Mongol invasion. In 1274, a massive typhoon obliterated the Mongol forces, dashing the ships on the shore, which the Japanese said was an answer to their prayers. These twin typhoons of salvation became known as the “Kamikaze”

Burnout is now recognized as a chronic condition by the World Health Organization. Burnout has become one of the leading causes of stress.

In this new “Air” age “The Age of Aquarius” humanity will no longer be the same, as we are in an age of Ascension. Harmony and Balance of our energies are imperative for the future, therefore we must align with the Kamikaze of our inner beings.

Kamikazes Elite Club

Kamikazes Elite Club provides an exclusive entertainment experience for members to transcend from limited and conditioned mindsets in arts and entertainment related to the human mind, body, and spirit, to a more divine and cosmic experience of artistic disciplines through visuals, music, dance, spoken word, healing, food and libations, and cultural preservation.

Mission: To Impart Electrifying V.I.B.E.S (Vibrational Inner Beings Elevating Soulfully)

Vision: To become the world’s leading entity of mind, body, and spirit entertainment in holistic and artistic disciplines.

Empress Indigo

As a visionary of the human mind, body, and spirit, Founder, Empress Indigo, recognized the power behind the word Kamikaze.

Born and raised in the trendy city of Miami, Florida, where the nightlife is vibrant and robust, it influenced her to pursue a life of 22 years in worldwide traveling, restaurants, and entertainment ventures and management. During this time is when she discovered her passion in entertainment services.

Throughout her time of challenges and successes, Empress Indigo has discovered that there is a growing need for more attractive and divine environments within the Nightlife trends.

As a Lifelong Entrepreneur, she believes now is the time to bring a more savvy and holistic service model for the “Divine Elite”, individuals and professionals, who are looking for a place where social behaviors are nothing less than “Divine Excellence” with great vibes and elevation.

“May Kamikazes Elite Club manifest a powerful experience through the arts of sights, sounds, and scents in breath taking motions, and life forms of heavenly excellence at its highest degree.”

Empress Indigo